Advantage® 3000 Mask Accessories

There is a full range of useful accessories for our full-face Advantage 3000 mask. 
For example a carrying container, which can also hold all MSA face masks and features a wall bracket for quick access. The inside of the container includes a slide that snugly holds an EN 148 threaded filter. The cover has two lugs that can hold Advantage bayonet-type filters.
A spectacle kit is also available to ensure that users can use their glasses while wearing the mask. There is also adhesive protective visors, to avoid scratches or dirt on the mask lens.

Part Number

Advantage 3000 Cover Lens, Clear, Box of 25

Length: 0.039 IN (0.001 M)
Width: 3.898 IN (0.099 M)
Height: 8.976 IN (0.228 M)
Weight: 0.011 LB (0.005 KG)
Size: N/A
Color: CLEAR


Cover lens, ADV 3000 clear 10 pcs


Advantage 3000 Cover Lens, Smoke-Tinted, Box of 25 Discontinued

  • Available Accessories include spectacle kit, adhesive protective visors and durable container
  • Container holds MSA masks and filters and features wall bracket for fast access
Markets: Utilities, Oil & Gas, Construction
Applications: Welding