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Fit Test Adapters

MSA offers a variety of fit testing adapters including:

  • APR Adapter: designed for use in non-IDLH environments and is NIOSH-approved.
  • Advantage® Fit Test Adapter: allows quantitative fit tests to be performed on bayonet cartridge style respirators (i.e., Advantage 200LS Half Mask and Advantage 3200 Full Facepiece Respirator).
  • QuikChek® Fit-Test Adapter: use with MSA respirators equipped with demand-style Ultravue® full facepieces or Comfo® Classic, Comfo Elite®, and Ultra-Twin® facepieces.
  • QuikChek® II Fit-Test Adapter: allows quantitative fit testing of any Comfo® II, Comfo Classic®, Comfo Elite®, Duo-Twin® or Ultra-Twin® respirator.
  • QuikChek® III Fit-Test Adapter: designed for Ultra Elite® full facepieces and attaches to the BMR adapter assembly. The MMR PD Ultra Elite® facepiece requires the QuickChek® IV, which comes with one P100 cartridge.
  • QuikCheck® IV Fit-Test Adapter: designed for Ultra Elite® and Ultravue® full facepieces with quarter-turn quick disconnect. Includes one P100 cartridge.

Markets: Utilities, Oil & Gas, Contractor, Industrial, Fire Service
Applications: Asbestos Abatement, Welding, Sanding & Grinding, Painting

Advantage 420 Quantitative Fit Test Adapter


QuikChek II Replacement Kit with 25 ft of sampling tubing and 25 connectors, clips, and suction cups, Comfo


QuikChek III Fit Test Adapter for Advantage 4100 Facepieces


QuikChek II Fit-Test Adapter for Ultra-Twin Respirator, Utlra Twin/Ultravue