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SAFECONNECT™ Belt-Bridge with Sirius® Wireless Interface

For thorough gas detection and seamless communication in emergency situations, the SAFECONNECT Belt-Bridge with Sirius Wireless Interface provides excellent results. Used in conjunction with a Sirius Multigas Detector, the belt-bridge allows users to transmit data from a remote location to a SAFECOM Command Center. The work begins with the multigas detector, which features PID and detection for CO, H2S, O2 and combustible gases. The detector sends its data to the user's belt-bridge via Bluetooth technology. The belt-bridge then converts the signal and transmits the data—plus the user's GPS location—to a SAFECOM command center via a one-watt, spread spectrum, frequency hopping 900 MHz radio for up-to-the-moment results when seconds count.

  • Belt-bridge coverts data from multigas detector and transmits to SAFECOM Command Center up to two miles away
  • Belt-bridge uses a one-watt, spread spectrum, frequency hopping 900 MHz radio to ensure results are received
  • GPS tracking provides real-time updating


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