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Safety Goggles

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MSA Vertoggle safety goggles with face shield

Vertoggle Goggle/Faceshield Combination The Vertoggle Goggle/Faceshield Combination offers a high-performance goggle with mounted, compact faceshield, providing complete eye and face impact/splash protection.

Clearvue® 200 Safety Goggles

Clearvue® 200 Safety Goggles The Clearvue® goggles are designed for use in all types of industrial and commercial settings and help provide protection against impact hazards such as flying debris, and splash.

Vault™ Safety Goggles

Vault™ Safety Goggles Provide complete eye protection in a variety of industrial and commercial settings with these tough protective goggles. Featuring anti-scratch, anti-fog coated lenses, they withstand impact hazards such as flying debris and splashes. Indirect venting keeps air circulating, while the padded frame provides a snug, comfortable fit.

Sightgard® Goggles

Sightgard® Goggles For maximum visibility and all-around wearability, this popular line of economical safety goggles offers impact protection. Choose anti-fog or anti-scratch coatings for improved visibility and lens life.

Flexi-Chem™ iV Goggles

Flexi-Chem™ iV Goggles These clear, flexible safety goggles protect against significant eye impact hazards such as flying debris and splashes. Acetate lenses resist splashes while the pliable frame enhances comfort and fit. Features a wide, comfort-fit adjustable band.

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