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Anchorage Connectors & Hardware

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MSA Workman FP Stryder Fall Protection Beam Anchor

Workman FP Stryder™ Beam Anchor Workman FP Stryder™ Beam Anchors quickly and easily attach to an I-beam flange without the need for any tools.

MSA Anchroage Connector - 10K MEGA Swivel Hybrid Kit

Anchorage Connector Components MSA's Anchorage Connector Components for use in fall arrest and confined space entry applications.

Freestanding Constant Force® Post

Freestanding Constant Force® Post MSA's Latchways® Freestanding Constant Force post provides assured worker safety at height where there is an occasional or temporary requirement to access flat roofs or structures.


Carabiners MSA offers a wide variety of carabiners for almost every application. All carabiners have a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 lbs/22,24 kN.

Web Straps and Slings

Web Straps and Slings MSA offers several web straps and slings for use in a variety of applications.

Cable Sling

Cable Sling Intended to be used in a basket configuration only, the Cable Sling is approved for use by one person at a time with approved systems. Two strands of cable sling must be of equal length to ensure an even distribution of a load.

Roof Anchors

Roof Anchors Available in permanent or reusable models, roof anchors provide an anchor point for personal fall arrest systems on roofs for maintenance work, repair, and new construction.

Rail-Slider Anchorage Connector

Rail-Slider Anchorage Connector This device is easily and quickly installed anywhere along an approved anchorage (rail). The Rail Slider™ Anchorage Connector will move along the rail, pulled by the worker's lanyard/harness. No unhooking and re-hooking of the lanyard is required when changing work locations. The rail slider consists of a pair of rail profile plates, which interlock via a set of receiving bolts. A lanyard is attached to an approved carabiner securing the profile plates to the crown of the rail.

RCD® (RemoteConnect/Disconnect) System

RCD® (RemoteConnect/Disconnect) System Enabling workers to have continuous safety at heights by greatly extending the reach in order to remotely install an anchorage connector and connect a portable personal fall arrest system (PFAS) to it.

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