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Workman® Rescuer

MSA’s Workman Rescuer provides fast, easy and intuitive fall protection with integral bi-directional retrieval capability. Not only does the Workman Rescuer arrest the fall, its retrieval capability allows the fallen worker to ascend or descend to a safe location. This durable, economical addition to the Workman Series of products offers fast installation and setup, ideal for applications where time and ease of use are a priority. The Workman Rescuer is also a stand-alone retractable device, as the carrying handle may be used as an anchorage attachment.

  • User capacity up to 400 lbs. (140 kg according to EN approval) for personnel
  • Galvanized or stainless steel 3/16" (5 mm) wire rope
  • Integral mounting bracket
  • Color-coded switch for retrieval mechanism activation
  • Ergonomic, stainless steel carrying handle can also be used as anchorage connection point
  • Built-in shock absorber
  • Robust aluminum housing with thermoplastic bumpers
  • Self-locking swivel snaphook with load indicator
  • Stow-able, foldable crank handle
  • RFID-enabled

Markets: Contractor, Fire Service, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights, Manufacturing, Search & Rescue

  • Net weight: 16.3kg (includes bracket)
  • Crank handle material: Carbon steel with zinc plating
  • Housing material: Cast aluminum
  • Lifting and lowering gear ratio: Gear ratio: 5:1
  • Maximum free fall distance: 2 ft. (0.6m)
  • Maximum deceleration distance: 54” (1.4m)
  • Maximum arresting force: 1800 lbs. (8Kn)


Workman Rescuer, Stainless Steel Cable, 50'

Length: 9.016 IN (0.229 M)
Width: 12.008 IN (0.305 M)
Height: 28.701 IN (0.729 M)
Weight: 34.449 LB (15.626 KG)
Size: N/A


Workman Rescuer, Stainless Steel Cable, 50'


Workman Rescuer, Synthetic Rope, 50'