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Workman® Twin Leg Personal Fall Limiters

The Workman® Twin Leg Personal Fall Limiter increases worker productivity by providing greater mobility and continuous connection (100% tie-off ) while moving from one location to another, offering a great alternative to twin leg shock-absorbing lanyards. The Workman Personal Fall Limiter features the patent-pending ARCA™ Harness Connection. The innovative, integral ARCA Harness Connection makes the Workman Personal Fall Limiter easier to use than any product on the market – simply insert D-ring into the slot and you’re ready to work! This intuitive design offers several important safety features.

Dual-locking cams offer redundancy of connection – only a single cam is required to maintain connection.

  • Locking cams move in opposite directions to prevent accidental disengagement.
  • Locking cam guards help to prevent unintentional contact with cam.
  • High-strength cam design – only one cam is needed to maintain secure attachment.
  • ARCA Harness Connection is also available with field-installable lock-out device that results in semi-permanent harness connection, helping to prevent theft or loss.

Applications: Working at Heights

Workman Twin Leg PFL, 6', 36C steel snaphooks

Length: 7.717 IN (0.196 M)
Width: 8.031 IN (0.204 M)
Height: 13.307 IN (0.338 M)
Weight: 6.658 LB (3.020 KG)


Workman Twin Leg PFL, 6', 36CL steel rebar snaphooks Discontinued

Length: 2.520 IN (0.064 M)
Width: 4.882 IN (0.124 M)
Height: 23.307 IN (0.592 M)
Weight: 7.300 LB (3.311 KG)


Workman Twin Leg PFL , 6', AL36CL aluminum rebar snaphooks Discontinued

Length: 4.685 IN (0.119 M)
Width: 9.685 IN (0.246 M)
Height: 10.512 IN (0.267 M)
Weight: 6.601 LB (2.994 KG)


Optional Lock-Out Kit for Workman Twin Leg PFL Discontinued


Workman Twin Leg Tieback PFL, 7.5', FP5k snapooks Discontinued

Length: 6.102 IN (0.155 M)
Width: 11.181 IN (0.284 M)
Height: 5.512 IN (0.140 M)
Weight: 5.950 LB (2.699 KG)


Workman Twin Leg PFL, 6', LC snaphooks Discontinued

USA: ANSI Z359.14, CSA Z259.2.2-Type 1, OSHA

Europe: EN360:2002

ANSI Z359.14-2012

CSA Z259.2.2-98

EN 360:2002