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Z-Gard® S MPO Single Gas Sensor

The Z-Gard S MPO Gas Sensor connects directly to a building automation system for single gas monitoring solutions. It detects the presence of either carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide or combustible gases in air. The Z-Gard MPO Sensor communicates with one of several industry standard protocols, providing seamless integration with commercial automation systems.

  • Five sensor output options: BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASC, Z-Gard, APOGEE P1
  • Multifunction-LED for sensor status on fault, calibration and normal operation
  • Easy, non-intrusive one-person calibration of zero and span
  • All metal construction
  • Field-replaceable gas sensors

Markets: Industrial
Applications: Combustible Detection, Toxic Detection, Building Protection

CO-100ppm, Electrochemical, RS485-MPO


NO2-10ppm, Electrochemical, RS485-MPO


Combustible 100% LEL, RS485-MPO


CO-200ppm, Electrochemical, RS485, MPO