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Supreme® Pro-X Earmuff

The Supreme Pro-X features high amplification with natural, realistic sound to provide excellent protection in noisy environments. Two separate waterproof microphones provide optimum stereo effect and location of sound direction. By wearing Supreme ear muffs you can communicate face-to-face as well as hearing commands and instructions without removing the hearing protector, even when others are shooting. The removable headband is washable, while the slim cups offer a lightweight, attractive design.

  • Cups shaped to fit both right hand and left hand shooters
  • Well shielded waterproof microphones for optimum sound direction location
  • Waterproof battery compartment
  • Available as a foldable headband or as a neckband
  • AUX input permits connection to external sources, such as communication radios, dog tracking devices, and mp3 players

Markets: Contractor, Mining, Oil & Gas
Applications: Building Protection, Civil Disturbances, Hunting & Shooting, Perimeter Monitoring, Port Surveillance, Public Events, Tactical/SWAT Teams

  • Five-year warranty on electronic components
  • IP67 rated
  • Black and Green cups; designed for both left and right-handed shooters
  • Foldable
  • Positive, three-button volume and power control
  • Water/splash-proof, level-dependent microphone
  • Low battery warning and save functions (~600 hrs of battery life)
  • 3.5 mm mono jack plug
  • Requires 2-AAA batteries (included)


Hygiene Kit- Foam


Supreme Pro-X Earmuff with Black Neckband, Black Cups


Supreme Pro-X Earmuff with Camo Headband, Black Cups


Hygiene Kit- Gel


Supreme Pro-X Earmuff with Black Neckband, Green Cups


Supreme Pro-X Earmuff with Black Neckband, Black Cups with Gel


Supreme Pro-X Earmuff with Black Headband, Green Cups