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SoundControl SH for Full Brim Hat (NRR 25 dBA)

Hard hat earmuff hearing protection with NRR 25 dBA

MSA introduces Sound Control SH, a compatible ear muff that is designed to fit snugly into the new accessory slots on the MSA V-Gard® Slotted Hard Hat. Sound Control SH ear muffs have been tested and evaluated for quality, attenuation and effectiveness in combating workplace noise.  

  • Spring design offers low pressure and a high level of comfort
  • Three distinct wearing positions for ease of use
  • Excellent grip makes it easy to adjust the cups, even when wearing gloves
  • Provides maximum space for the ears inside the cup
  • Soft ear cup material for extended wear
  • Easy ear cup height adjustment
  • Retain the Class E dielectric rating on the V-Gard Full Brim Hard Hat

Markets: Contractor, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Confined Space, Food Processes, Manufacturing, Public Events, Sanding & Grinding, Steel Smelting Foundries, Working at Heights, Welding

SoundControl SH Cap Model, Use with MSA Slotted Full Brim Helmet, Gray

Length: 7.126 IN (0.181 M)
Width: 3.740 IN (0.095 M)
Height: 6.063 IN (0.154 M)
Weight: 0.705 LB (0.320 KG)
Size: Standard
Color: Gray

MSA SH Ear Muffs are third party tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974.