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Airline Respirators

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G1 PremAire® Cadet Escape Respirator

G1 PremAire® Cadet Escape Respirator Introducing the latest addition to the G1 Series, the G1 PremAire Cadet Escape.  This combination supplied air respirator with escape cylinder offers a streamlined, lightweight design and incorporates one of the most technologically advanced, lightest and lowest profile facepieces on the market today.

PremAire® Cadet Supplied Air Respirator

PremAire® Cadet Supplied Air Respirator Get air on demand with this high-performance, Type C, supplied-air respirator. Mask-mounted regulator responds quickly to changing breathing requirements. Maintains a slight positive pressure to prevent contaminants from invading the face piece. Ideal for chemical and petrochemical processing, municipal utilities, and asbestos and lead paint abatement, as well as non-IDLH environments such as pharmaceutical applications and hazardous materials clean up. Available as a basic supplied air device or as a combination air-line/air-purifying respirator.

PremAire® Supplied Air Respirator System

PremAire® Supplied Air Respirator System This full-face, pressure-demand, Type-C supplied-air respirator features a patented waist-mounted manifold for incredible flexibility. Can be converted from a supplied-air device to an air-purifying system. Dual-supply option lets users connect from one pressurized continuous air source to another—without losing continuity of airflow. The vortex tube option delivers whole-body temperature control for added comfort.

PremAire® Cadet Escape Respirator

PremAire® Cadet Escape Respirator This combination supplied-air respirator with SCBA is designed especially for escape. Versatile, comfortable and affordable, it features a single-assembly first-stage regulator and cylinder valve. Small in size and profile, this one is ideal for working in tight places.

Constant Flow Airline Respirator

Constant Flow Airline Respirator This Type C, supplied-air respirator supplies a continuous flow of air to the face piece from an external source. The complete assembly is available with either an Ultravue® or Ultra Elite® full face piece, Comfo® half-mask face piece or Comfo welder's face piece, plus breathing tube, web support belt and air flow control valve. Use only in non-IDLH environments.

Duo-Twin Airline Respirator

Duo-Twin Airline Respirator This combination air-supplied/air-purifying respirator is designed for use with either particulate filters and/or chemical cartridges. Provides respiratory protection against a variety of contaminants, making it popular for pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. Must be used in adequately ventilated areas with at least 19.5% oxygen. Features a unique, switchable exhalation valve, making it well suited for abatement work.

Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus and Accessories

Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus and Accessories MSA’s Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus delivers a ready supply of safe, breathable air wherever air is irrespirable or oxygen deficient. MSA’s corresponding accessories, including compressed air filters and automatic switch valve, ensure air quality and deliverability.

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