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Custom Air V® Escape Respirator

Escape toxic gasses, vapors or oxygen deficiency with this quick-use, hooded emergency respirator. Features a high flow rate of 72 liters per minute (lpm) and a continuous flow of air from the compressed air cylinder. The flexible urethane hood reduces fogging and fits over eyeglasses and facial hair. Lightweight and easy to carry, the unit also mounts on a wall, as needed.

  • Provides emergency air in highly toxic or deadly environments
  • 5-minute high-flow cylinder meets stringent air-flow requirements for extremely aerobic escape applications
  • Quick-retracting protective cover saves precious time when donning the hood
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds

Markets: Oil & Gas

TransAire 5 Escape Respirator complete (includes aluminum cylinder, carrier, hood tube, hood assembly)


TransAire 5 Escape Respirator complete, less air (includes aluminum cylinder, carrier, hood tube, hood assembly)

Certified to NIOSH Subpart H, 42 CFR, Part 84 Certified to TC-13F-217 for 5 minute rated service