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MSA G1 SCBA Remote Quick-Fill® System

The G1 SCBA Remote Quick-Fill System recharges high- and low-pressure operating systems

The G1 SCBA Remote-Mounted Quick-Fill System is the only NIOSH Approved and NFPA compliant front mounted system for recharging SCBA cylinders.

  • Recharge both low and high pressure operating systems
  • Quick connect design
  • Rapid fill rates between 40 and 60 seconds
  • Doffing of the air mask is not required
  • Approved for use in IDLH environments
  • Optional 3-ft emergency transfill hose in pouch accessory

Markets: Fire Service, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: CBRN Incidents, Civil Disturbances, Clandestine Labs, Confined Space, Firefighting, Public Events, Search & Rescue, Tactical/SWAT Teams

Remote Quick-Fill Kit, G1 SCBA


Pouch and 3' Hose Kit