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SCBA Parts & Accessories

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MSA G1 SCBA Integrated TIC

MSA G1 SCBA Integrated TIC The MSA G1 SCBA with Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera provides EVERY firefighter the ability to see in dark and smoke filled environments, aiding in the speed and effectiveness of your operation from the initial 360, to working the fire, overhaul and rescue. This sight is provided through a Thermal Imaging Camera that is integrated into the G1 SCBA Control Module, eliminating the need to carry an additional piece of bulky equipment and the concern of an additional snag hazard. NFPA 1981 Approved – Now Shipping!

MSA G1 SCBA Remote Quick-Fill® System

MSA G1 SCBA Remote Quick-Fill® System The G1 SCBA Remote-Mounted Quick-Fill System is the only NIOSH Approved and NFPA compliant front mounted system for recharging SCBA cylinders.

Air Cylinders

Air Cylinders Choose from a complete line of air cylinders, including lightweight carbon, economical aluminum or affordable composite. Choose from eight different cylinders, each designed especially for MSA Air Masks. Available in high and low pressure with air supply durations of 30, 45 and 60 minutes. Optional custom logos available.

AirHawk II Accessories

AirHawk II Accessories

ClearCommand Communications System

ClearCommand Communications System This system enables rescue personnel to communicate over commercially available radios. Attach it to a full facemask (open mode) or put it inside a protective suit (covered mode).

FireHawk® Air Mask Upgrade Kits

FireHawk® Air Mask Upgrade Kits These upgrade kits are designed to bring 2002-edition MSA FireHawk® Air Masks into compliance with NFPA 2007-edition standards. Features new electronics (except electronic communications devices), carrier and harness, and MMR regulator components.

M7 I-HUD Receiver

M7 I-HUD Receiver MSA’s new M7 I-HUD Receiver for FireHawk M7 Air Masks is worn on the INSIDE of your facepiece. New LED light patterns enhance safety and security. Unit automatically syncs with SCBA upon startup. Sleek design offers 40 percent weight reduction compared to our external HUD. MSA's I-HUD Receiver is available only with the FireHawk M7 PASS device.

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