Supplied Air Respirators (SCBA)


The MSA G1 NO PASS SCBA is yet another testament to the user focus that MSA brings to the fire service. Incorporating the latest in firefighter safety and technology. There are times on the scene where sudden movements or loud noises might not be a good thing, HAZMAT and law enforcement for example. To meet the needs of these first responders MSA has developed the MSA G1 SCBA NO PASS.
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Duo-Twin Airline Respirator

This combination air-supplied/air-purifying respirator is designed for use with either particulate filters and/or chemical cartridges. Provides respiratory protection against a variety of contaminants, making it popular for pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. Must be used in adequately ventilated areas with at least 19.5% oxygen. Features a unique, switchable exhalation valve, making it well suited for abatement work.
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Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus and Accessories

MSA’s Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus delivers a ready supply of safe, breathable air wherever air is irrespirable or oxygen deficient. MSA’s corresponding accessories, including compressed air filters and automatic switch valve, ensure air quality and deliverability.
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Quick-Disconnects and Adapters

These assemblies connect air supply hoses to the manifold and air source. Locking-type quick disconnects are available to interconnect lengths of air supply hose. With locking quick-disconnects, use up to 12 sections of hose to make up the maximum length.
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