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FireHawk® M7 Air Mask

FireHawk® M7 Air Mask

This advanced air mask features seven life-safety design components. It is the highest quality SCBA available and is virtually bulletproof against fire ground hazard. Although lightweight and easy to use, it's a stellar performer—even in the face of extreme temperatures (up to 500°F).

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Features & Benefits

  • Patent-pending PASS alarm performs at 500°F
  • Light weight and low profile systems
  • Facepiece cross-contamination check-valve
  • Palm-sized regulators
  • Comfortable Ultra Elite® facepiece
  • Thermal alarm
  • Time-remaining display
  • Front and rear buddy lights
  • Auto-dim HUD
  • Large, drag-carrying handles
  • Stainless steel cylinder band with cam-lock system

Options & Specifications


  • Rescue belt rappelling system (50 and 75 ft.)
  • MSA Accountability System
  • Extend-Aire™ I & II
  • Quick-Fill® emergency breathing systems
  • Push-to-connect or slide-to-connect regulator attachments
  • Swiveling lumbar pad and chest strap


  • Confined Space
  • Search & Rescue

Approvals & Certifications

NIOSH 42 CFR, Part 84

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