Gold Helmet Award

The Gold Helmet Award, established to promote corporate safety initiatives, helps to recognize a company's stand-out employees and applaud their adherence to safety procedures. This award provides an easy, attractive way for a company to show that recognition.


A Gold Helmet Award provides each recipient with:

  • a gold MSA V-Gard Helmet
  • a mounted and personalized certificate
  • a gold V-Gard Helmet lapel pin or tie tack.


If you or someone you know was saved by ANY of our personal protective equipment:



MSA Gold Helmet Award recipients

  • Adam Kyle, MSA Gold Helmet Award

On November 24, 2015, Adam Kyle was working at Vic Progressive Diamond Drilling in Penobsquis, New Brunswick, Canada. While using a 48” pipe wrench to remove a nut on a diamond drill stuffing box, the wrench slipped, striking Adam on the head. His MSA Topgard® Protective Helmet saved Adam from a likely serious head injury.