First NIOSH approved half mask respirator without exhalation valve.
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MSA Advantage 290 Elastomeric half-mask respirator provides healthcare professionals a secure protection solution. The Advantage 290 enables user protection up to P100 level which is above N95 requirements. It is also a solution for source control which is achieved by eliminating an exhalation valve, thereby providing filtration of exhaled breath. Elastomeric respirators are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative over filtering facepiece respirators such as N95.

Note: The Advantage 290 is approved for use with Advantage style particulate filter cartridges only. It is not approved for use with flexi, chemical or combination cartridges.

Part Number

Advantage 290 Respirator

While Supplies Last
Length: 4.725 IN (120.020 MM)
Width: 2.796 IN (71.020 MM)
Height: 5.088 IN (129.240 MM)

Advantage 290 Respirator

While Supplies Last
Length: 5.300 IN (134.620 MM)
Width: 3.190 IN (81.030 MM)
Height: 5.420 IN (137.670 MM)
  • Elastomeric respirators are designed for repeated cleaning and decontamination resulting in dramatic cost savings over filtering facepiece respirators.
  • The Advantage 290 does not have an exhalation valve which allows for filtration of exhaled air, thereby providing a means of source control and use in a sterile field environment.
  • Overmolded MultiFlex nosecup provides stability on the user's face while maintaining a fit.
  • Anthrocurve facepiece design maximizes fit and comfort and reduces potential leak points.
Markets: Fire Service, Construction, Mining, General Industry, Utilities
Applications: Emergency Response
  • Three sizes available to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.
  • Particulate filters available in P100. Splashguard options allow for extended use and easier cleaning and decontamination of the entire respirator and filter.

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
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