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Where Innovation Meets Tradition

MSA Cairns®

Where Innovation Meets Tradition

MSA Cairns®

Introducing the new MSA Cairns® XF1

Part Trailblazer. Part Top Gun. All Cairns.

NEW: Removable, Washable Soft Goods on All Cairns® Leather Helmets

Now, every MSA Cairns Leather Fire Helmet will offer only removable, washable soft goods, making it easier for firefighters to comply with cancer prevention directives, like those recommended by the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN).

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NFPA Compliant Bourkes Eye Shields

10-Year Warranty

When you purchase an MSA Cairns Fire Helmet, not only do you receive a durable product, but also a 10-year lifetime warranty that the product will be free from defects in materials and/or faulty workmanship.1 When you factor in the quality, ease of maintenance, and unique safety features found ONLY in MSA Cairns Fire Helmets, it's easy to see why firefighters are fiercely loyal to the MSA Cairns brand.

Source: 1 10-year warranty applies only to MSA Cairns helmets manufactured on or after January 1, 2015. For details on MSA Cairns Fire Helmet 10-Year Warranty, please see

Cairns Manual Library

Now have easy access to Cairns Instruction Manuals and product operation videos in one place. Click here for instant access to user instructions, product registration, warranty bulletins, and instructional videos for your MSA Cairns Fire Helmet.

Cairns® 1010/1044

MSA Cairns 1010 fire helmet is the perfect combination of durability and performance. Constructed from through-color fiberglass composite material, this high-performance, luster finish design resists cracking and chipping.

Defender Visor for Cairns 1010 and 1044

Defender Visor – Neat, Clean, and Secure

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Removable soft goods allow for easy laundering and replacement

Removable and Washable Soft Goods

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Suspension for impact protection on the Cairns 1044

Maximum Impact Protection

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