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We live in a connected world. It’s only natural that connectivity extends to the fireground to help keep firefighters safe and accounted for, in the most dangerous situations. It’s essential that technology builds on established and proven department traditions and standard operating procedures.

MSA’s FireGrid creates a simplified safety solution that complements and enhances tradition. The cloud-based suite of applications provides access to local and remote monitoring, reporting, maintenance and inventory management. With real-time transmission of data, the result is improved situational awareness to make confident, data-driven decisions.

Cloud-Based Connectivity

The Connected Firefighter Platform is cloud-ready to transmit data to team members on-scene and remote, for improved connection, communication and confident decision-making and post-scene evaluation.

  • Device and incident data
  • Personnel and products on-scene
  • Inventory management including inspections and testing
  • Management of work orders and purchase orders

Real-Time Information

Effective fire-scene management requires real-time information for confident decision making. Knowing your entire crew is accounted for is critical to helping ensure their safety.

  • FireGrid Monitor provides on-scene local monitoring with real-time search and rescue information; device statistics such as products on-scene and air pressure with estimated time remaining; issuance of evacuation alarms, alerts, warnings; and more.
  • Remote Monitoring is a web-based, read-only monitoring solution to view multiple active incidents, including active firefighter count, connected devices, active alarms, incident duration, and search and rescue information.
  • FireGrid Configure is a mobile application that supports quick configuration and personalization of devices by name, team, seat number, and department.

Data-Driven Decisions

Feel confident making decisions based on data from your team on the fireground. Incident and device reports, as well as data logs available for post-scene evaluation, provide insights for personnel training or for preventative maintenance to keep your products performing for the next call.

  • Automatic data generation and transmission to the cloud for storage
  • SCBA usage data
  • Post-scene processing for insights to fireground operations
  • Historical data for preventative maintenance

What's New

FireGrid Map View

FireGrid Map View

Significantly improve situational awareness with location information of firefighters with LUNAR Connected Devices on-scene visualized on an overhead map

  • Local and remote monitoring for incident commanders and departmental leadership
  • Estimated location outside of the structure
  • Selectable pin information – air pressure status, personalization
  • Alarm status denoted by pin color
  • Last known location/GPS connection lost indication
  • Three selectable map views – satellite, grid, topography
FireGrid PAR Check

FireGrid PAR Check

Enhance firefighter safety with the ability for incident commanders to issue an electronic Personnel Accountability Report (PAR) during on-scene operations

  • Significantly reduces voice-radio traffic
  • Issue PAR Checks and receive acknowledgements from firefighters with connected devices, manually or automatically
  • Available for LUNAR Connected Devices, telemetry-enabled MSA G1 SCBAs, or non-telemetry MSA G1 SCBAs paired with LUNAR Connected Devices
Fotokite Integration

Fotokite Integration

Joint development of situational intelligence solution using tethered aerial system technology and firefighter safety and accountability systems (Available 2023)

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