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Connected Firefighter

Introducing MSA Connected Firefighter, Driven by LUNAR

On scene, there’s nothing more important than staying connected to your team. That’s why the MSA Connected Firefighter platform, driven by LUNAR, keeps you constantly connected. LUNAR is a wireless, handheld device that includes thermal imaging, firefighter ranging, motion alarm and cloud technology with GPS—delivering connectivity like never before possible.

Announced at FDIC

Globe Pant System

We’ve revolutionized turnout pants again with our new Globe Pant System − because fit has never mattered more. Pants that fit you like a pair of jeans enhance your performance and comfort while ensuring your protection and safety. With the advanced design you expect from Globe, you’ll have a leg up on the job.

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Firefighters stand in a line wearing different Globe Pant fits

Globe Guard™ Exposure Reduction System

Reducing firefighters' exposure to toxic substances is one of the critical health and safety risks facing the fire service today. The new Globe Guard™ System is a simple solution that can be added to turnout gear to help protect firefighters from toxic substances without impeding performance.

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At MSA, your health, wellness, and safety are at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to making a difference by developing products that support firefighters' whole health as well as partnering with organizations doing meaningful work, like the Firefighter Cancer Support Network

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