G1 SCBA NFPA 2018 Edition


NFPA 2018 Edition
Now Approved

NFPA 2018 Standard Updates

NFPA 1981

  • Two distinct actions required to remove the regulator: In order to disconnect the regulator from the facepiece, there must be two distinct actions taken by the user (i.e. press AND pull)
  • Facepiece regulator connection strength test: Regulator connection requirements now require 56.2 pounds for pull testing
  • Pneumatic data logging for SCBA specific events: The SCBA is required to record breathing rate and cylinder pressure which are to be timestamped
  • Interoperability requirements between different SCBA manufacturers’ EBSS systems: The Emergency Breathing Safety System has been standardized regardless of manufacturer to allow for interoperability

NFPA 1982

  • Update to common PASS alarms: The sound is now a universal tone, regardless of manufacturer. This was introduced in the 2013 Standard (Tentative Interim Agreement 13-2).
  • Pass System radio (telemetry) functionality tests: Update to the functionality testing required for telemetry use.

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