Learning & Development

At MSA, we encourage you to grow and reach your full potential. We're dedicated to providing you with learning opportunities and resources to facilitate your professional success.

Here's How We Facilitate Success

Focus on Strengths

"In a team environment, it is advantageous to observe your teammates' strengths in order to capitalize on what they can offer when working to achieve a shared goal. MSA's "Leveraging Your Strengths" workshop helped me learn more about my strengths and strategies to use them in a team environment."

- Jennie, Industrial Engineer

Development Networks

"Having 32 years of experience with MSA, I am finding that I get asked more frequently to act as a mentor. That puts some pressure on me to keep current with my training and have up to date information. With Shane, I have been coaching him on using the operating system principles, as well as connecting him with other people in the organization who he can learn from too."

- Gail, Cranberry Plant Manager

70/20/10 Formula

"I decided to go back to school for my Associate of Science Degree after working at MSA for 15 years. I recently took a couple of classes in (Total Quality Management and Organizational Behavior), and it improved my ability to partner with other functions and our customers to proactively ensure a great customer's experience and satisfaction. I can definitely see the value of formal learning in my day to day responsibilities."

- Carlos, General Monitors Lead Quality Inspector

Values & Competencies

"In my role communication is very important, and I’m currently working on knowing my audience. The best way for me to make progress on that skill is to get in front of different audiences, like being out on the manufacturing floor or presenting at one of Steve Blanco’s Plant Operating Review meetings. One thing that I recently started doing is leading safety discussions during KPI meetings in Cranberry, which is a great place for me to work on these skills."

- Jim, Global EHS Specialist