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Gas detection is a big part of your safety program. It plays a fundamental role on safeguarding workers and worksites from flammable and toxic gases, which are invisible dangers.

The Complete Portable Gas Detection Offering

Area Monitoring Gas Detector

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  • Four-gas detection with catalytic bead sensors
  • Local or remote monitoring capabilities
  • Rugged, drop-tested design and 60-day battery life

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Multi Gas Detectors

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  • Includes 4XR, 5X or 4XM Multigas Detector
  • Driven by MSA XCell® Sensor technology
  • Perform within the toughest industrial environments

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Calibration Test Stand

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  • Provides simple, automated testing and calibration of ALTAIR gas detectors
  • Use as stand-alone unit or integrated portable detection management system
  • Allows for simultaneous testing of up to 10 instruments

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Web-based Safety io Grid Services

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  • Web-based software as a service (SaaS) supports ALTAIR gas detectors to connect worksites
  • Provides access to data from anywhere, any time, on any device
  • Centralizes reports and data logs for automated compliance

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You need more than compliance. You need a trustworthy gas detection solution supported by:

1Seamless connectivity

with an excellent track record of safety and support

2Sensors you can trust

Durable, fast responding, low maintenance sensors

3Durable, rugged devices

10+ foot drop test; dust and waterproof; non-prorated 3- or 4-year warranties

Does your current gas detection program have all of this?

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Have it all in one solution: MSA portable gas detection & smart Safety io software.

Introducing MSA + Safety io

your comprehensive gas detection solution

Renowned durability

Best-in-class MSA ALTAIR® detectors

Operate in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Are dust- and waterproof.

Carry non-prorated 3- or 4-year warranties.



Lead the market in gas hazard response.

Alert workers to threats twice as fast as the industry average.

Save costly test gas with fast bumps and calibrations. 



Maximize gas detector uptime. 

Document alarm activity.

Drive worker accountability.

Make informed decisions with real-time data.

Best-in-class MSA detectors, test equipment, and support with insights from web-based Safety io Grid services.

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