SMC FieldServer: Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Seamless integration of old and new.

Remove the obstacles posed by legacy devices.

Stop letting legacy controllers, equipment, and instrumentation be the black hole that limits your ability to fully automate operations. Start opening up your automation system’s capabilities with FieldServer’s versatile suite of gateway products, including Modbus, Ethernet/IP, GE-EDG, and a host of other state-of-the-art protocols. The result? A seamless connection of old and new that lets you keep your old legacy equipment while fully enabling your new SCADA network.

Budget-Smart Upgrades

Lets you upgrade your automation system without the added expense of simultaneous legacy device replacement or a complete legacy migration.

Modern Interfacing

Connects and integrates both old and new industrial automation equipment and controllers to third-party controllers and networks, including those from all major industrial automation suppliers.

Risk Reduction

Minimizes the inherent threat resulting from ineffective mixing, matching, or patching into legacy systems, such as sluggish, slow, and partially or fully broken systems.


Connected Factory

Connecting Disparate Systems into a SCADA System for Display & Reporting

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Simplify Industrial Automation Integration