True Heroes: Jason Tice

Worker Saved by MSA V-Gard® Helmet in Virginia – Jason Tice’s Story

A shoring brace was dislodged from a pre-cast panel and came crashing down from full height directly onto a worker’s head. The 42 ft. brace weighed over 400 lbs. and hit his V-Gard helmet dead center. Dave Hill, Executive Manager at Clark Construction Co. said, “It was definitely one of those times where I was like, ‘…please tell me he had his PPE on.’”

The worker sustained serious injuries. The surgeons treating the worker said if he had not been wearing his hard hat, he most certainly would not be alive today.

According to Hill, this accident really shook the team and everyone has rallied around the injured worker and his family. They have raised money for his family to help cover the family expenses while Jason is receiving intense medical care and rehabilitation.

Hill says the injured worker is lucky to be alive, and credits the V-Gard helmet with saving his life. “[The shoring brace] didn’t shatter the hard hat, but it did put one heck of a dent in it. It really did make such a tremendous difference.”


"It’s a terrible thing that happened, but it’s a valuable lesson. It’s important everybody understands that simply wearing your PPE correctly could save your life. Guys get lazy or they put [their hard hat] on their shoulder or sideways or backwards. Thankfully this guy was doing everything right, so it was no fault of his own. Just some really bad luck."

- Dave Hill