MSA V-Gard Hard Hat - Now in matte

Matte or Gloss — which will you choose?

The iconic V-Gard® Hard Hat is now available in a matte finish; the safety and performance you expect from the V-Gard brand with a new twist on style.

The #1 Selling Hard Hat

You work hard and long to get the job done. MSA works tirelessly to create products that help you do just that. Our goal is to provide protection from the everyday dangers that may surround you. The MSA V-Gard hard hat has long been recognized for comfort, quality and durability. The iconic “V” design is trusted by the millions who wear it day-in and day-out. You face some of the most extreme environments imaginable – why settle for anything less?


If you wear a hard hat all day, you want it to be comfortable. We agree and have worked to provide you options that ensure the optimal fit, as well as a touch of style. With your needs in mind, MSA designed the Fas-Trac III Suspension system. Chosen 9 times out of 10 over the competition, this adjustable system provides the comfort you need and the safety you require while on the job-site.

A profile view of a construction worker wearing a yellow matte V-Gard hard hat
A mockup of a personalized hard hat from MSA Logo Express


Your brand is important. It echoes the quality of the work you do every day and represents the high standards your organization expects. When you place your brand on a hard hat, you want to make sure it reflects those standards. MSA has provided hard hat customization longer than anyone -. We don’t just set the bar, we are the bar! The custom process we’ve perfected was developed to ensure flexibility, speed and accuracy without sacrificing logo quality and durability. It gives you the power and confidence to design and promote your brand effectively, with pride.

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A mockup of a personalized hard hat from MSA Logo Express

Configure to the job

On complex worksites, you need protection that goes beyond a hard hat. It’s important to drive compliance with confidence by using products that are designed and tested to work together to provide the highest level of safety. MSA hard hats, frames, visors and hearing protection products are all tested and approved together to ensure proper use, fit and comfort — so you can be certain you have the protection you need, where you need it.

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A construction worker wears a V-Gard hard hat with visor and face accessories while operating machinery

Matte or Gloss – Which Will You Choose?

The V-Gard cap that you know and love is now available in a matte finish, offering a twist on style without sacrificing the safety or performance you expect from the V-Gard brand. Use the slider below to see the difference.

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A grey V-Gard hard hat in matte finish A grey V-Gard hard hat in gloss finish

See for yourself why the MSA V-Gard is chosen more often than any other helmet on the market today.

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